Getting Started

Connect via MacOS

Install Java JDK

To install the JDK software, do the following:

Download and Connect to the Blue0x Network

  • Download (opens in a new tab) the latest release from the official Blue0x GitHub repository.

  • Once the download has finished, extract the folder to a desired location.

  • From a terminal, navigate to the Blue0x Desktop Wallet folder.

  • Type: java -jar Blue0x.jar

  • You will now see your computer begin to sync with the Blue0x Network. Wait until you see Finished Blockchain Download.

  • From your favorite browser, navigate to http://localhost:2022 (opens in a new tab).

  • You will see the prompt for Create Your Account. Make sure to save and securely store your new account passphrase.

  • Once account setup is completed, send us your address via Discord (opens in a new tab) to receive your first airdrop!

  • Welcome to Blue0x!