We Are the Bank.

Open-sourced. Decentralized. Secure.

Blue0x is a monetary system built on computational trust that eliminates the need for intermediaries and returns control of national & personal finance back to the people.


Everything you need is already here

Blue0x is not just a blockchain. There is an entire decentralized ecosystem, built-in and ready to go! All transactions are executed on-chain and are fully transparent.

Screenshot of the Blue0x wallet
  • Browser-based Wallet. Run on a VPS, a local machine, or your mobile phone! Any device with a browser can run a Blue0x wallet.
  • Blue0x Marketplace. Buy and sell anything, anytime, anywhere on the first decentralized crypto marketplace.
  • Blue0x Exchange. Trade a growing list of international currencies on the first decentralized foreign exchange.

Easy to setup and use

Whatever your skill set or hardware, we got you covered.

Market image
Exchange image