Blue0x Exchange

The Blue0x Decentralized Global Exchange

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All Blue0x Currencies are exchangeable for BLX, and vice-versa, via the Blue0x Exchange. Holders of a Blue0x Currency may publish an exchange offer specifying the buy and sell rate of the currency much the same as banks or currency exchanges publish their exchange rates. All Blue0x Network users will be required to occasionally transact with the Blue0x Exchange in order to obtain BLX to pay network transaction fees. Blue0x Exchange is designed to be run from your local machine and to interact with your locally hosted wallet. This increases overall network decentralization and security.

Exchange Rate:

The exchange rate of each Blue0x Currency is in relation to BLX. This rate ultimately determines the cost of each transaction on the Blue0x Network.

Cross-Border Payment and Remittances:

The Blue0x Network, through the Blue0x Market and the Blue0x Exchange, enables users, businesses, and various other entities to buy and sell goods and services outside of their respective regions and to settle payments into their respective Blue0x currency. This facilitates global, immutable payment remittances that are 100% on-chain, resistant to censorship, and always available.